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Orange ID
for drivers

For registering attendance, secure your fleet and intelligent time-registration.

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Product pakket  | Orange ID-hardware (tags, receiver) & ODOO timesheets.

Orange ID is installed in your entire fleet and results in automatic time-registration using ODOO time sheets to report. Every driver receives a tag with a unique Orange ID. Orange ID also secures your fleet using the id-tags.

It's simple, each driver has their own unique id-tag (keyring).

Time registration is tight and fleet is secured.

One of a Kind

Orange ID is programmable and fit for purpose for your company.
  • The behavior of the reader and tag can be programmed via the control panel.
  • The reader has an on-board 'buzzer' to attract the drivers attention.

  • Orange ID has a programmable relay that is activated when a tag is read, this is extremely useful as an immobilizer



Optimise your fleet and time management of your employees.
  • You always know who is driving the vehicle.

  • Connected with WEBFLEET.

  • Connected to ODOO HRM with integrated CAO calculations.

  • You can focus on your service, time registration is automated.

Trial ?

Would you like to experience Orange ID and see how it benefits your company ? ask for a 4 week free trail from our sales department. 

During the trail periode you get full support, the only thing you pay for is the used hardware.

Feel free to try-out  Orange ID!

Product details

Your drivers use ID-tags (key ring) for on/off registration  in their vehicles. At the same time the software registers the attendance of drivers within ODOO and uses this for calculating time spent on tasks and activities. .

Ask for information about the usage of Orange ID and ODOO HRM


Questions ?

Please contact us, we are exited to tell you more.