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 Notify the client the actual arrival time of the parcel in the delivery truck with a SMS.


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Product  | SMS Alert Planbord- Cloud application                 

SMS Alert is a product of Deep Orange. It takes care of the communication between (SMS) customer and driver whenever there is a delivery scheduled. 

SMS Alert uses GPS and Traffic information of TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET to accurate calculate the estimated arrival time of the delivery.

*For fleet managers with WEBFLEET vehicle equipment from TomTom Telematics.

SMS Alert lowers delivery cost
and improves customer satisfaction.

One of a Kind

Your clients are informed in real-time with the actual delivery time. SMS Alert keeps them up-to-date.
  • The TEXT messages can be modified using templates within your own SMS Alert planning board.
  • The TEXT messages can be personalised for each specific client and delivery.
  • SMS Alert does not install any software on your computer.


No closed client doors anymore, improve your number of succesful deliveries.
  • Focus on your service instead of endless 2nd and 3rd delivery attempts.
  • Efficient delivery for your employees, streamlining your delivery process and lower rate of second deliveries.
  • Customer satisfaction: don't let your customers wait, furthermore don't let your customers down.

Try out ?

Do you want to try SMS Alert and see how it works within your company ? Ask for a free trial for 4 weeks of SMS Alert (100 credits). You get free support to experience the benefits.  After the period you are not obliged to any payment or contract.  

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        Product Details

        SMS Alert Planbord and WEBFLEET work together for the automated TEXT Alert messages, SMS Alert uses the GPS information of WEBFLEET to send a message with a highly accurate time of delivery. Your orders are shown in a digital planning board in the SMS Alert application.

        Which product variant fits your needs?


        SMS Alert uses SMS-Credits which you can buy from Deep Orange.

        Functions of SMS Alert Basic 

        • Sends Text message to customer with indication of arrival time.

        • Sends Text mesdsage to driver when a new order is issued.

        • Customer reply on Text message shown in desktop web-application.

        • Personalised message-templates with 6 possible keywords to show actual information.

        • Real-time reporting of SMS-Credits.

        • Import orders via CSV file(s). 

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